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PC Technician

CompTIA: A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ Certification is a fundamental certification that demonstrates competence in dealing with computer hardware and operating systems (OS).This certification is controlled by a not-for profit organization. This certification is accepted all over the World and acts as an International accreditation for computer experts. In order for you to obtain the CompTIA A+ Certification, you must undertake test which cover core hardware configuration elements as well as computer data usage elements like, vital structure of binary data and different components of the file input and output (I/O). Those interested in pursuing this certification ought to have some skills in certain tasks, for instance, booting up of computer with many installed operating systems (OS).



The benefits of having CompTIA A+ Certification are many and diverse. For instance, Microsoft has some restrictions on its products and services it offers. However if you have posses a CompTIA A+ certification, there is a wide information regarding different products and there are no restrictions on a specific service. In this modern world of stiff economic system, it is vital for a person to have an advantage over other players in the job market. CompTIA A+ certification offers that competitive advantage required in the in the Information Technology industry.

Program Course Titles
CompTIA A+ Certification

PC Technician graduates (aka CompTIA A+ Certified Students) are provided an excellent path in the IT Field, since it prepare you to become an advanced computer technician thereby making you competitive in the job market. Apart from preparing you into a successful future IT career, this certification imparts relevant skills to let you grow in your job and assume more responsibilities in the IT industry.

The CompTIA A+ certification, offers you an opportunity to specialize in different IT fields, you may specialize in hardware support or software technology.

get comptia a+ certified


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