Career Services


Your Success is Our Business

At Asher College, when we say every student matters, we mean it. From the personalized instruction and guidance by our faculty, to solid connections with employers and a powerful alumni network, we provide a wide array of career services for our current and former students.

Whether you are coming straight out of high school or a working adult looking to change careers, if you are interested in IT, healthcare, or business, we have the programs, the people and the career services that can help you to reach your goals.

Job Placement Assistance

The advantage of attending Asher College is that your education and training will be solely focused on your career goals. Our job placement assistance and career workshops are designed to deliver the skills it takes to prepare you to manage your career.

We also know what employers are looking for in IT, healthcare and business, and we work with students to connect them with positions after they graduate. Employers know Asher College, and we’ll make sure employers know you, too.

A Powerful Network of Alumni

Asher College has helped thousands of graduates into careers where they can achieve and exceed their professional goals every day. When you graduate from Asher College, you can be part of that legacy. With your Asher College credentials in hand, you will be seen as a well-trained individual ready to hit the ground running.