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CompTIA Certified Academy Partner 

Looking for a CompTIA A+ Certification Training Program?

CompTIA Academy Partner

Information Technology (IT) has transformed how we live and conduct business over the last few decades. With this in mind, a well-established certification program is often an indication of the maturity of a profession or industry. Such programs use standard tests to examine the level of expertise and knowledge of professionals. CompTIA certifications are classified as one type of certification program in the IT industry.

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), founded in 1982, is a non-profit trade association with several certifications available. A large number of its certification exams are composed of multiple choice questions and are computer-based. Knowing about these certifications and how they work can help you better understand their importance.

Asher College is a proud Academy Partner of CompTIA the voice of Information Technology.

CompTIA A+ Training

The A+ certification is used to demonstrate understanding and knowledge of computer operating systems and hardware. Primarily, it has been designed to qualify a computer technician, however, a number of organizations use this training program as a tool to help their employees acquire basic knowledge of computer operating systems and hardware.

A+ certification includes the A+ Operating System Technologies Exam and the A+ Hardware exam. Both of these exams focus exclusively on Microsoft operating systems.

CompTIA Network+ Training

The Network+ certification has been designed for network technicians to demonstrate and test their understanding of network installation, hardware, and troubleshooting in general. Unlike A+, Network+ is not vendor specific. With this certification, technicians are easily able to further their expertise by acquiring vendor specific certifications for networking products such as Cisco and Microsoft.

CompTIA Security+ Training

The Security+ certification focuses on the security aspect of information technology, including network and computer security.

CompTIA Linux+ Training

With the wide acceptance and rise in popularity of the Open Source operating system, CompTIA began offering the Linux+ certification. This type of certification is unlike other certifications from CompTIA because it is product specific, but not necessarily vendor specific, as a result of the nature of the open source software. The Linux+ certification exam covers hardware, documentation, security, configuration, management and installation of Linux.

CompTIA A+ Certification

There’s something to be said about having the right tools and skills for the job.  At Asher College, it is our mission to make sure that our CompTIA A+ courses prepare students with the exact skills they need to excel in their field after they complete their studies. Our hands-on training ensures graduates of our CompTIA programs will be ready to hit the ground running when they leave Asher.

That’s why employers love to hire Asher accounting graduates. Our CompTIA classes focus on everything students need to excel in their field after graduation. We even offer career support services to help our students succeed upon program completion.

Asher College offers CompTIA A+ courses at our three main campuses:

Asher CompTIA A+ Programs Dallas, TX

Asher CompTIA A+ Certifications Sacramento, CA

Asher CompTIA A+ Training Las Vegas, NV