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IT Network Engineer Program


Microsoft: MCSE / Certifications: 5 Microsoft certifications including MCP, MCSA, MCSE and Cisco CCENT and CCNA

IT Network Engineers are the driving force behind modern computer networks. Network engineers configure software, manage user accounts, maintain and upgrade servers, and ensure that the network always runs smoothly.

Graduates from the IT Network Engineer program at Asher College will have hands-on experience to advance their careers, and the certifications necessary to maintain the network that a business needs to compete in today’s digital world. The IT Network Engineer graduate who successfully passes the Microsoft Certification exams will demonstrate the training and skills required to design and maintain today’s complex data networks.

IT Network Engineer Program candidates should be CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certified or have equivalent work experience.  If you are analytical, enjoy problem solving and new technology, and you are looking to get to the next level in your career, training in our Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) courses in the IT Engineer certificate or IT Engineering degree program could be a good option for you.

Salary Projections & Job Outlook: Graduates from our IT Network Engineer Program are able to pursue a variety of entry-level job opportunities, such as Computer and Information Systems Managers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the average salary for computer network support specialists is $62,670. The BLS also projects a 15% increase in employment of Computer and Information Systems Managers between 2014-2024, which is much faster than the average growth projected for all other occupations. This growth is expected to account for the addition of 53,700 new positions for Computer and Information Systems Managers.

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The instructors at Asher College are qualified to help students gain the skills needed in order to succeed. Instructors at Asher College have real-world experience maintaining modern computer networks. They know the tricks of the trade. Student Graduating from Asher College have the opportunity to leave with more than diploma – they can have certifications and hands – on experience that comes from being taught by knowledgeable faculty with experience in an Official Microsoft IT Academy.
Program Course Titles
Windows OS - Microsoft Exam #70-680
Career Success CS NA Skill Development
Introduction to Server Microsoft Exam #70-410
Server Administration Microsoft Exam # 70-411 Advanced Server Administration Microsoft Exam # 70-412
Advanced Server Administration Microsoft Exam # 70-412
* Elective - Student chooses one: Windows Network Design -Microsoft Exam # 70-413 or Design with Windows Server Microsoft Exam # 70-414
Advanced Career Development
Advanced Networking Level 1 100-101 Cisco CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Level Network Technician) Cisco Exam # CNC100
Advanced Networking Level 2 200-101 Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Entry Level Network Associate) Cisco Exam # CNC200
Students who graduate from Asher College’s IT Network Engineer program will be ready to handle the responsibility of managing enterprise networks. They have the knowledge to configure and maintain Active Directory, Microsoft’s advanced domain management system. Asher Graduates also learn on the latest Windows servers and desktop operating systems, using the same software that they will encounter during their careers. Network Engineering students also learn, in detail, how to configure Windows applications and network services from the top down using Active Directory and Microsoft’s latest tools. Many businesses hire Microsoft certified graduates. Windows Active Directory domain services are widely used tools in the field for organizing and administering large networks. The Microsoft MCSE certification that students earn upon graduation is valuable for network engineers. Many large businesses and corporations in America need qualified, certified engineers to maintain their Microsoft networks. Job Titles
  • Network Engineer
  • Desktop Administrator
  • Enterprise Administrator
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Server Administrator