Asher College History

In 1997, Michael Dourgarian and David Vice were discussing the skills gap between what employers were looking for and what current job seekers had. Michael and David came from related-yet-different backgrounds, but saw the need to provide in-demand skills to those who were looking to improve life for themselves and their families. In 1998, they opened a school called TechSkills of California, offering courses that focused on Information Technology skills and careers. David Vice became the President and used his IBM background to manage the day-to-day operations. Mike Dourgarian remained the President and Owner of the Sacramento Manpower Staffing Agency, but used his extensive knowledge and skills to develop placement assistance resources for the school. In 2012, Michael sold his stake in Manpower and joined Asher College as the Vice President of Career Services. Members of Asher’s staff have served on numerous boards, received many awards, volunteered in their communities, and celebrate the success of their students daily.

Since the college’s inception in 1998, Asher has utilized a blended learning method, facilitating a flexible approach for adult learners who want to enter the workforce quickly while still being able to complete their education. This has proven successful for the thousands of Asher graduates currently working in their communities.

Milestones in the History of Asher College

Opened the Sacramento campus


Expanded the facilities


Approved for veteran’s benefits


Expanded the facilities again and added Medical & Office Administration programs


Became nationally accredited, allowing students to use Title IV funds


Moved to Asher’s current Sacramento campus location


Expanded new Sacramento location


Added a campus in Las Vegas, Nevada


Added a location in Dallas, Texas


Approved for multiple Associate Degrees


Changed name to Asher College to reflect degree granting approval.


Added Accounting Programs


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